Destiny: Venus

Venus Rock Formation Sketches

Destiny: Mercury

Destiny: Venus Archive Stacks Elevation

Destiny: Hive Surface Treatment

A stab at using a displacement map to get a specific look for Hive surfaces. 

Destiny: Vex Turret Sketch

Destiny: Warp Gate Sketches

Quick models done for the smaller Vex Warp gates on Venus.

Destiny: Fallen Throne Room

The first step: a sketch to cement the idea in my head.

Next, a 3d kitbash using pieces exported from our internal environment editor, Grognok.

First paintover pass in Photoshop.

Final pass in Photoshop.  Not that I thought the painting was really done, I just moved on to the next task.


Destiny: Venus Dig Site

Dilapidated Human research structures around an ancient Vex device.

Destiny: Vex Interior

Exploration for Vex rooms on Mars.

Destiny: Vex Complex